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Judith A. Baxter, PLC | Grand Rapids, MI | Sexual Assault

​A Successful Trial Attorney for 35 Years


Sexual Assault Lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sexual assault charges are rape charges. Rape is an easy accusation to make but a difficult charge to prove. Just being accused of rape is life changing and devastating. Rape charges require an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney. If you are accused of sexual assault or rape, it is essential to secure an attorney as soon as possible before talking to CPS and/or a police officer. Do not try to explain your way out of the accusation. Anything and everything you say to CPS and police officers can and will be used against you in court. 


The penalties for being convicted of sexual assault or rape, on either an adult or a child, are some of the most serious charges in Michigan. The penalties are severe and include having to register on the Sex Offender Registry for a term of years or life, jail and/or prison time, expensive fines, costs, and fees to the court, restitution to the victim including paying their medical and counseling bills, lengthy probation, work crew, community service, counseling and treatment; and will result in the loss of your job, loss of any future jobs; eviction from your home, apartment, and neighborhood, loss of your parental rights, restrictions on where you can live, work and travel; and a criminal conviction reflecting rape on your criminal record. A conviction for sexual assault or rape can lead to an additional separate civil lawsuit against you for monetary damages by the victim of the assault. A conviction for sexual assault will appear on any background check or security clearance and will affect your seeking custody of, or parenting time with, your children.

Failure to register as a Sex Offender will result in additional and separate criminal charges resulting in additional penalties. 


Judith A. Baxter is a trial attorney with 35 years of courtroom experience handling criminal cases at all levels, including sexual assault cases involving both adults and children.  Judith A. Baxter has over 20 years experience  as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. Her extensive knowledge of and experience with the prosecutor’s office and the court system, combined with her dedication to each and every one of her clients provides Ms. Baxter in depth insight into a sexual assault case and gives her clients an advantage in securing favorable results, including reduction and often dismissal of the charges, and winning cases in court.

Judith A. Baxter, PLC | Grand Rapids, MI | Sexual Assault

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