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New Michigan Laws 2017

(WXYZ) - New laws in 2017 will raise fees, wages and expand on existing regulations.

On January 1st, the minimum wage increases from $8.50 to $8.90 per hour. You’ll likely need every penny.

In 2017 you’ll be paying more at the pump, gas tax is increasing more than 7 cents!

In 11 days, renewing your car registration will cost you at least 20 % more. Owners of hybrids will be paying an additional $47 on top of a 20% increase to the base fee. Owners of electric vehicles will have to fork over a whopping $135 in addition to a 10% base rate increase. Only those who renew early *before January 1st get to pay the 2016 rates.

If the thought of handing over all that money is making you ill and you happen to have a medical marijuana license, here’s some good news: in 2017 “special” brownies and other edibles are legal. This law goes into effect

today! Attorney Matthew Abel with the Cannabis Counsel says it's great news for patients who don't like to smoke. He also says the law is retroactive. So patients caught eating or drink their medicine before today, could have their convictions overturned.

Another law going into effect in 2017 will allow an Amber Alert to be issued without a license plate. Which means some Amber Alerts previously delayed by red tape will go out sooner in the future. Hopefully helping authorities find those children faster too.

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