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The Law Office of Judith A Baxter P.L.C. is available to assist those arrested or facing legal issues during the COVID-19 emergency. The courts and law enforcement remain active.


Please call 616-356-2651 if you have been arrested, or need legal help or have a question. Thank you.

Judith A. Baxter, PLC | Grand Rapids, MI | Attorney & Counselor at Law

​A Successful Trial Attorney for 35 Years


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"In July of 2016 I hired Ms. Baxter to defend my son who was facing multiple charges after stopping his bipolar medication. She was able to get several of the charges dropped so that he’s able to get the help he needed rather than go to jail to become another statistic. I will always be grateful for the time and care Ms. Baxter showed both myself and my son during this terrifying time."  
- Laura

Judith A. Baxter, PLC


Judith A. Baxter is a successful trial attorney with 35 years of courtroom experience, including over 20 years as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, and 10 years representing clients in criminal, civil, and family law disputes at all levels in West Michigan area courts. Ms. Baxter’s extensive knowledge of and experience with Kent County and West Michigan court systems provides Ms. Baxter in depth insight about the law and how to best represent and protect her clients rights and interests. This gives her clients an advantage in securing favorable results, both through tough negotiations and winning cases in court. Judith A. Baxter treats her clients with the compassion and respect they deserve. She stands with her clients every step of the way to protect her client’s rights, interests, and future.

“Litigation is an expensive process both financially and emotionally, not just for the client but for their families as well. My objective is to get my clients in and out of the legal system as quickly and efficiently as possible, securing the best possible result by trial or well negotiated settlement.” Judith A. Baxter.


Call Judith A. Baxter now for a free initial consultation. Ms. Baxter will answer your questions, advise you about the seriousness of your legal issue, and explain your options to you. Do not face the court system alone. Protect your rights, your property, your family, and your future. Call Judith A. Baxter now.


Client a taxi driver charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st degree by a female passenger in Kent County Circuit Court - trial by jury - Baxter won - client found NOT GUILTY

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